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My name is Shanee'. Im 18yrs old & 4months pregnant also homeless! I need all the help i can get... I live in Raleigh NC. I am even willing to move out of state so my child & I can have a better life. My mother died when i was 13 and my dad has never been a major part in my life!!! Ive been through so much but im still holding my head up! Please respond ASAP with any help possible. Thank you so much!!

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Even though I used to live in Raleigh, I never became familiar with housing for the homeless in that area.

You might check if any local assisted living places offer jobs requiring little training.  The assisted living place I now live in has one employee who looks about 8 months pregnant.

A website to check to see if there are any free medical care sites close enough you can use them:

Sorry I can't help more directly with your financial needs.


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